Serving drinks is an art that calls for dexterity, accuracy, and the appropriate equipment. Having the right tools and equipment is critical for every bartender, regardless of experience. The following article will discuss the essential supplies that each bartender needs to have in their supply closet.

Shakers and Mixing Glasses

Shakers and mixing glasses are essential for bartenders to mix beverages. A flexible option is a Boston shaker, which is made up of a mixing glass and a metal tin. You can mix, shake, or swirl ingredients with these instruments to make precisely balanced drinks.


Bartending requires precise measurements, and jiggers are ideal. They come in different sizes to ensure you add enough alcohol, syrups, and juices to your cocktails. To keep your beverages tasting and being of high quality, you must maintain this consistency.


To guarantee that your customer's glass is free of any undesired dirt, ice, or fruit pulp, strainers are a must. Behind the bar, Hawthorne strainers and fine mesh strainers are often used to effectively filter drinks.

Bar Spoons and Muddlers

Bar spoons and muddlers are essential tools for mixing and blending drinks. Bar spoons are long and thin, so you can gently swirl ingredients in tall glasses. However, muddlers smash herbs, fruits, and other components to flavor cocktails.

Citrus Juicers and Zesters

The use of freshly squeezed citrus juice is a sign of a good cocktail. Squeezing the bright tastes of lemons, limes, and oranges is simple with the manual and electric citrus juicers available. Citrus zesters are also necessary if you want to infuse your drinks with a blast of fragrant citrus oils.

Ice Makers and Ice Crushers

Ice is a necessary ingredient in a lot of drinks, so having a steady supply on hand is crucial. Ice makers create enormous amounts of ice cubes fast, while ice crushers break ice for Mint Juleps and Daiquiris.


Several glassware options are necessary for serving a wide range of drinks at a well-stocked bar. Wine glasses, martini glasses, highball glasses, and rocks glasses are examples of common glass kinds. The sensation of drinking is improved when each drink is served in the appropriate glass.

Bar Towels and Napkins

When it comes to wiping off surfaces, cleaning up spills, and arranging beverages elegantly, bar towels and napkins are essential. They also provide your bar setting a professional touch.

Bottle Openers and Corkscrews

Corkscrews and bottle openers are essential equipment for opening wine and beer bottles. Make sure you have a dependable and user-friendly bottle opener so you can promptly provide your clients' favorite drinks.

Speed Rails and Organizers

You will need speed rails and organizers to operate effectively behind the bar by keeping your most used equipment and supplies close at hand. This reduces downtime and enables you to provide rapid client service. Consider taking a Canada bartending course to learn more about mixology and bartending.


To give great service and make great drinks, any bartender, in Canada or elsewhere, should get the following instruments. These accessories help create an unforgettable drinking experience for patrons in addition to improving the bartender's abilities. Whether you want to bartend professionally or amaze friends with your mixology talents, you need the correct tools.